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Freedom-Lover News and Articles June 2013

This section lists links and summaries of news and other articles around the web related to freedom, Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans and more. Do you have articles you’d like included? Email us (contact email in footer of this page).

Quote of the Day.

Founders Revolution 2013-06-24
--Samuel Spencer--(no image available)"In Great Britain, when the king attempts to usurp the rights of the people, the declaration and bill of rights are a guard against him. A bill of rights would be necessary here to guard against our rulers. I wish to

Do Words Have Meaning

Founders Revolution 2013-06-24

Quote of the Day.

Founders Revolution 2013-06-04
--James Iredell--"It seems to be forgotten that the Senate is placed there for a very valuable purpose as a guard against any attempt of consolidation. The members of the Convention were as much averse to consolidation as any gentleman on this floor;