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Freedom-Lover News and Articles February 2018

This section lists links and summaries of news and other articles around the web related to freedom, Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans and more. Do you have articles you’d like included? Email us (contact email in footer of this page).

Should America follow Israel's model for protecting schools?

Fox Business: Napolitano 2018-02-15

Employers pushing back against IRS over ObamaCare employer mandate

Fox Business: Napolitano 2018-02-14

John Kelly's days at the White House numbered?

Fox Business: Napolitano 2018-02-14

Did Obama know Trump was being wiretapped?

Fox Business: Napolitano 2018-02-13

Susan Rice memo trying to cover up Obama's tracks?

Fox Business: Napolitano 2018-02-13

Winner of $560B lottery sues to remain anonymous

Fox Business: Napolitano 2018-02-07

FISA memo the first of many?

Fox Business: Napolitano 2018-02-05

Debate over FISA memo continues

Fox Business: Napolitano 2018-02-01

Lying, Spying and Hiding 2018-02-01

FBI, DOJ won’t look good in House intel memo: Judge Napolitano

Fox Business: Napolitano 2018-02-01